27 Apr 2010


The making of jeans is a labor intensive process. Every jean made is slightly different because they are made by hand. This is what makes jeans so unique, so individual, and so special. Here is a behind the scenes look at what is called the “dry process” which takes place at the wash facility aka “wash house”. Wash houses are very secretive in their trade secrets but we managed to snap a few shots so enjoy! If you are currently wearing a pair of jeans take a moment and look down at them. If you see some “whiskers” (lines on the top portion of your pants resembling wrinkles) or heavy sanding on the thigh portion of your jeans, these were most likely created during this dry process.

We aren’t sugarcoating this at all. The dry process is labor intensive. Yes, actual sandpaper like the one you find at the hardware store is used to create these “whiskers” and sand-down the jeans. By hand sanding a pair of jeans it gives it more of a worn out look, a softer hand, and creates more depth to the garment.

So a raw pair of jeans slides into these tubes which is then filled with air. The tubes help recreate the shape of someone wearing the jeans. The pro who is sanding the jeans is better able to replicate a natural look.

Here you see some blue from the indigo showing through. The blue comes from the indigo in the denim and surfaces after it has been sanded down. The back of the thigh and rear area are also common areas of hand sanding. Notice the white line in the back right pocket? That’s a signature detail of a NAEM jean. The white line represents the line on a form where you would sign your NAEM. These jeans were made for you.

This is a image of a raw pair of NAEM jeans where the dry process has been completed. The red stitching at the button hole is another signature detail representing the Red of the USA Flag as all of our products are made here in the states. The blue lines are the “whiskers” we are referring to above. The design of the whiskers is completely up to the manufacturer. We spend a lot of time perfecting our patterns to give the look we want.

Next… NAEM jeans are 100% MADE IN LA with pride and crafted by skilled professionals.

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